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We're rebuilding business insurance from the ground up.

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Our Story

While working at a previous company, our co-founders couldn't believe how difficult it was to obtain a simple workers’ compensation policy. With a background in actuarial science and computer engineering they realized that this was a problem rooted in data science and software, rather than insurance. Soon afterwards, they started building Huckleberry to create the simplest, easiest way for a small business to obtain insurance online.



Software First

Insurance is one of the few remaining offline products that actually works better when sold digitally. We’re anchored by the belief that costs can be lowered, risk better analyzed and customer experience dramatically improved by building our company on a foundation of code.



Complexity isn’t just an annoyance, it creates real cost throughout our economy. By creating an insurance product that’s free from paper and light on complex jargon, we allow small business owners to focus on what they do best - growing their company.


Full-stack Solutions

There have been a wave of digital brokers that have come and gone. We believe that true value can only be unlocked by transforming as much of the tech stack as possible and building tighter integrations with a smaller number of trusted carrier partners.