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7 Reasons to Buy Workers’ Comp Online

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Workers’ comp has been the same for, well, decades. And it works the way it is (kind of). So why should you buy online business insurance with Huckleberry?

1. Getting a policy is fast. Very, very fast

Getting a traditional workers’ comp policy can take a few weeks. Or, it can take a few months. That’s because getting traditional workers’ comp is a multi-step process involving brokers, huge paper questionnaires, and long waits.

Huckleberry is designed to get most businesses a policy in about five to seven minutes. We use technology and data science to get the information we need without making you spend hours filling out questionnaires. You’ll get an estimate in a minute or two, and most customers will get an exact quote in less time than it takes to make yourself coffee. That’s progress for you.

2. Coverage is instant

Once you get a quote, you can buy a policy online, sign electronically, and be covered (and legal) instantly. There’s no waiting for policy documents to arrive in the mail so you can sign and return them. (You’ll never have to use the mail at all, actually, but we’ll get to that.)

3. No need to hire an advisor

Insurance people are great humans, but there’s really no need for them when it comes to buying workers’ comp. That’s because workers’ comp limits are set by your state, so when you buy a policy, you’ll automatically get the required coverage.
Since you don’t need any guidance to buy workers’ comp, it makes a lot of sense to buy online with Huckleberry.

4. Everything is online. Everything is easy

The old way to do workers’ comp involves tons of paperwork, mailing back and forth, and general inconvenience. We think that this is no way to do things in the 21st century. So we’ve done away with everything that makes workers’ comp a pain.

That means you can do all your workers’ comp tasks online. Everything you need to sign can be signed electronically. We’ll keep all your policy docs in a convenient online portal, so you’ll always be able to find them. Plus, there’s always a Huckleberry representative ready to help you with your policy via—you guessed it—online chat.

5. Payments are a breeze.Everything is digital and automatic. No paper billing

Nothing to keep track of. You can pay for your policy using a bank account or credit card. (And if you choose to pay with your bank account, you don’t even need to look up your routing number—we have a direct integration with most major US banks.)

6. It’s designed for small business

We built Huckleberry because we get small businesses. You don’t have the time or resources to deal with the traditional business insurance process, so we designed a workers’ comp product that can free up your time and generally make your life easier.

Basically, we built the workers’ comp that we wished we could buy.

7. It’s just a better way to do workers’ comp

We leverage data science, artificial intelligence, and a bunch of other tech tools to make workers’ comp, well, work. If you can have an amazing workers’ comp experience, why settle for anything less?


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