Small business insurance in Colorado with Huckleberry Insurance

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Small business insurance in Colorado with Huckleberry Insurance

Small business insurance in Colorado

If you run a small business in Colorado, you’re in good company. The Centennial State is home to 630,113 small businesses, which employ 1.1 million people (making up 48.6% of the private workers employed in the entire state). Together, small businesses owners like you keep the economy going strong—and Huckleberry keeps companies like yours going strong with small business insurance. Huckleberry can get your business protected against unexpected circumstances in the same amount of time it takes to fill up your gas tank. It’s all online and everything is easy. Calculate your 60-second estimate on what you might pay for the best small business insurance from Huckleberry.

The most common types of small business insurance in Colorado

Small business insurance in Colorado with Huckleberry Insurance

Workers’ comp covers medical expenses and wages for your employees if they get sick or injured on the job. It can even cover things like extended rehabilitation and death benefits.

Small business insurance in Colorado with Huckleberry Insurance

A business owner’s policy (also known as a BOP) is a combination of a few different kinds of coverage: business interruption insurance, property insurance, and general liability insurance.

If a third party ever sues your business for property damage or physical injury, general liability insurance can cover the cost of your legal expenses and financial settlement.

If your building’s ever destroyed or damaged (for a covered reason), business property insurance helps cover the cost of repair or replacement. Business personal property insurance, meanwhile, covers the things inside your building.

Business interruption coverage helps your business survive a temporary shutdown. It’ll pay out to cover fixed expenses like payroll and tax payments—or even the cost of a temporary location—while you work to get your business running again.

Small business insurance in Colorado with Huckleberry Insurance

How much do Coloradans pay for small business insurance?

The median cost for Huckleberry workers’ comp in Colorado is $848 per year. For a business owner’s policy, the median is $778.50, and for general liability insurance, it’s $700.

Here’s the thing, though: you can’t know what you’ll pay just by looking at these numbers. Premiums are based on factors like how many employees you have, where you’re located, or what industry your business falls under. So, you could pay more than the median price—or way less. Find out what you’d pay by getting a 60-second estimate here. (It’s online and easy.)

Other coverages you can add to your Colorado policy

Employment Practices Liability

Covers your business in case an employee claims they were discriminated against (or that you prevented them from gaining career opportunities).

Hired And Non-Owned Auto

Covers your business in case you (or someone else from your company) damages property with a vehicle that doesn’t belong to your company.

Professional Liability

Covers the settlement cost and legal expenses in case of accidental harm to a client.

Liquor Liability

Covers medical, legal, and property damage expenses if your business overserves an already-intoxicated client who then harms someone (or something) else.


Covers events like power outages which might lead to food or beverage loss.

Equipment Breakdown

Covers repairs or replacements of essential mechanical and electrical equipment.

Restaurant Endorsement

A combination of coverages for lots of different unexpected circumstances your restaurant might encounter.

Employee Dishonesty

Covers financial damages if an employee steals from you, directly or indirectly.

The most common industries getting small business insurance in Colorado

Landscaping & Lawn Care

Landscaping & Lawn Care

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Heating & Air Conditioning

Heating & Air Conditioning

Small business insurance in Colorado with Huckleberry Insurance

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