Small business insurance in Oklahoma with Huckleberry Insurance

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Small business insurance in Oklahoma with Huckleberry Insurance

Small business insurance in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is an entrepreneurial place, with over 350,000 small businesses calling the state home. In fact, just over half of all private sector employees earn their paycheck through a small company in OK—that’s 712,582 workers. So, if you’re an entrepreneur in the Sooner State, you provide a vital source of commerce and employment and you need quality small business insurance to keep your company protected.

The most common types of small business insurance in Oklahoma

Small business insurance in Oklahoma with Huckleberry Insurance

Workers’ comp covers your employees if they ever experience sickness or injury because of their job. It takes care of medical bills, rehab, and lost wages while your employee recuperates.

Small business insurance in Oklahoma with Huckleberry Insurance

A package of vital coverages that protect your small business. A business owner’s policy contains business interruption insurance, general liability, and property insurance.

If a third party ever tries to sue your business for personal injury or property damage, general liability insurance helps take care of the settlement and legal fees.

If your building is ever damaged or destroyed, business property insurance helps cover the cost of repairs and might even pay out for a new building. Business personal property insurance covers the items inside your building.

Business interruption insurance helps your business stay financially stable if it ever closes down temporarily for a covered reason. It can cover important ongoing costs, like payroll and taxes, as well as immediate emergency costs (like the cost of renting a temporary location).

Small business insurance in Oklahoma with Huckleberry Insurance

How much do Oklahomans pay for small business insurance?

First, a few stats: the median cost that Huckleberry customers pay for an Oklahoma workers’ comp premium is $1,352. For general liability insurance, the median price is $750. And for a business owner’s policy—which combines general liability with a few other coverages you’ll probably need—the median price in Oklahoma is $750.

With that said, it’s important to know that rates vary depending on how many people work for you, where your business is based, and what industry you’re in. You could pay more than the median—or much less—for Oklahoma small business insurance. In the end, the fastest way to find out what your premium would be is to get a 60-second estimate from our insurance rate calculator. (There’s no obligation, and it really is that fast.)

Other coverages you can add to your Oklahoma policy

Employment Practices Liability

EPLI (Employment Practices Liability Insurance) takes care of legal fees and the cost of a settlement if a member of your staff ever sues you for harassment, discrimination, or wrongful termination.

Hired and Non-Owned Auto

If someone from your company ever damages something with a vehicle that your business doesn’t own, hired and non-owned auto insurance can help cover the resulting legal costs.

Professional Liability

Professional liability insurance takes care of the cost of a settlement (and other legal expenses) if a client accuses you of harming them or their property.

Liquor Liability

If your establishment ever sells liquor to a person who goes on to harm someone or something, liquor liability helps cover medical bills and legal fees.


Spoilage insurance reimburses your business for perishables that go bad because of a broken fridge (or any other covered reason).

Equipment Breakdown

If your equipment stops working for a covered reason, equipment breakdown insurance helps cover the cost of a fix or a replacement.

Restaurant Endorsement

A combination of coverages specially designed to protect restaurants in many different circumstances.

Employee Dishonesty

Employee dishonesty coverage reimburses your business if someone from your company ever steals from you (it doesn’t matter whether the theft was direct or indirect).

The most common industries getting small business insurance

Landscaping & Lawn Care

Landscaping & Lawn Care

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Heating & Air Conditioning

Heating & Air Conditioning

Small business insurance in Oklahoma with Huckleberry Insurance

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