Small business insurance in Tennessee with Huckleberry Insurance

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Small business insurance in Tennessee with Huckleberry Insurance

Small business insurance in Tennessee

Entrepreneurs are right at home in Tennessee. Not only does the state host 603,310 small businesses (which employ 1.1 million people—or 42.3% of all private sector employees), but small companies added 43,308 positions to the Tennessee job market in 2016 alone. So, if you’re an entrepreneur in the Volunteer State, you can know you’re vital to the state’s economy, and you need small business insurance you can trust. Huckleberry gets your business covered in about the amount of time it takes to make a cup of coffee—and without a single piece of paperwork. (Seriously, it takes minutes and the form is entirely online.)

The most common types of small business insurance in Tennessee

Small business insurance in Tennessee with Huckleberry Insurance

Workers’ comp protects your employee if they ever get an illness or injury on the job. It’ll pay out for lost wages, medical care, and ongoing treatment.

Small business insurance in Tennessee with Huckleberry Insurance

A BOP (business owner’s policy) is a combination of coverages your business needs to stay protected in many different scenarios. It includes business interruption insurance, property insurance, and general liability insurance.

If someone ever takes your business to court over personal injury or property damage, general liability insurance helps cover your legal expenses.

Business property insurance covers your building if it’s ever damaged or destroyed, and business personal property insurance covers items inside the building (such as furnishings and office supplies).

Business interruption insurance alleviates the financial burden of a temporary stop to your business operations (for a covered reason). It’ll take care of ongoing expenses like payroll and loan payments and may cover some emergency expenses, too.

Small business insurance in Tennessee with Huckleberry Insurance

How much do Tennesseans pay for small business insurance?

Good question. First, let’s get a general feel for the numbers. The median amount Huckleberry customers in Tennessee pay yearly for workers’ comp premiums is $932. For a business owner’s policy—a package of coverages that most small businesses need, including general liability insurance—the median yearly cost is $671. And for general liability by itself, the median is $700.

It’s important to understand that these numbers don’t necessarily reflect what your business would pay, because your business is unique. How many employees you have, where you’ve set up shop, and what industry you’re in are all factors that will affect your rate. So, you could be looking at higher or much lower premiums for Tennessee small business insurance.

The quickest way to find out is to take our 60-second small business insurance rate calculator. (There’s no obligation to sign up for anything and it’s really that fast.)

Other coverages you can add to your Tennessee policy

Employment Practices Liability

Safeguards your company if an employee claims discrimination, deprivation of opportunity, or illegal termination.

Hired and Non-Owned Auto

If someone from your company causes property damage (or bodily harm) with a vehicle that isn’t your business’s, this coverage takes care of legal fees and medical costs.

Professional Liability

If you ever make a mistake that harms a client, this takes care of your legal expenses and a settlement.

Liquor Liability

Takes care of medical bills, legal costs, and property damage if you serve liquor to an obviously-intoxicated customer who then goes on to harm someone or something.


Compensates your business for food or beverages lost to a broken-down freezer (or any other covered event).

Equipment Breakdown

If your mechanical equipment fails for a covered reason, this insurance covers repairs and replacements.

Restaurant Endorsement

A combination of important coverages for restaurants (with protections for many unexpected scenarios).

Employee Dishonesty

If your business suffers theft by an employee, this coverage helps you recoup financial damages.

The most common industries getting small business insurance in Tennessee

Landscaping & Lawn Care

Landscaping & Lawn Care

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Heating & Air Conditioning

Heating & Air Conditioning

Small business insurance in Tennessee with Huckleberry Insurance

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  4. It’s affordable. There’s a good chance your premium will be much lower.

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